Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Jeanne

Have you ever met someone who is almost your complete opposite, but with whom you still get along well? This is the case of Jeanne Campagna-Wilson, a very scientific though simple person. Studying science, she wishes to be able to go to University in two years in civil engineering or in aerospace engineering. Jeanne shares those scientific interests with her mother and father, who are respectively an engineer and an architect. Her twin sister, who is a great allie, also likes science.

Of course, with those interests, Jeanne is skilled at school, particularily in mathematics, science and any theorical subject. She is also good with communicating in French and giving clear instructions. One thing special about Jeanne is that she always works hard so she never fails; she didn't tell me, but I can guess that she is a perfectionnist!

Out of school, the young woman likes to enjoy the simple joys in life, like eating or drawing. Yellow is her favorite colour, and swimming, her favorite sport. She doesn't like to travel, even though her father is Scottish and was born in the Bahamas. Jeanne prefers staying in her cosy home, and even though she likes her big stepfamily, she likes spending time alone. She considers herself lucky to have good friends from her highschool, a twin sister and a great mother with whom she can all spend good time.

Jeanne definetly is a great person who you should meet, since she can get along with a lot of different people and since she is very intelligent and determinate.